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Starting a project blog. Why?

It is easy to do academic research without anyone knowing really what you are spending your time and money on – and with anyone I do not only mean the outside public, but also the academic community itself. Even in 2014, when the possibilities to show others what you are working on are almost endless, (too) many academics are sticking to the traditional, peer reviewed, and printed media to disseminate their ideas, and share established conclusions rather than work in progress. Many colleagues hardly invest in an online presence. Admittedly, there also is little reward in doing so: the internet does not have a very high status in the ivory tower, you cannot (or will not) be cited from blogs, and demands for excellence are such that it may feel counter-intuitive to share unpolished arguments, loose thoughts, and other ideas that might subsequently prove wrong, misguided and foolish. If you want a smooth academic career, you’d better spend your time on other things than on telling the outside world what you are actually doing. Continue reading Starting a project blog. Why?